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Marc Mascaró

Our mission for the highest quality products has led us to become masters of distillation, carefully producing distillates and spirits (gin, marc, distillate of cacao, etc.) with natural products and a unique personality.

Gathering up the legacy of our ancestors and bringing new creativity and renovation, Mascaró distillates are high quality products with a careful selection of raw materials. In the preparation of our spirits we always look for natural and local products and we take care of every detail throughout all the elaboration process.

We seek for the maximum expression and harmony in our spirtis through maceration, distillation and aging processes. Our distillates are unique and exceptionals products that we producte in our distillery, located in Vilafranca del Penedès, one of the few wine distilleries that exists today in Catalonia (Spain).

Our tradition in the production of distilled drinks allows us to offer a variety of premium spirits always close to our local environment and made in a natural way. Different process at Mascaró are done manually and we finished many of our products handcrafted.

Premium gin Gin9, our gin distilled style London Dry Gin, is made from juniper strictly without the addition of botanicals, which makes it very versatile and makes a good base for modern cocktails.

The cocoa distillate and marc are also authentic spirits that reflects our own style. We obtain marc from the distillation of grape cool breeze of our estates, and it ages for at least 6 years in French oak Limousin barrels. The cocoa distillate KKO, produced with the collaboration of Enric Rovira, a Barcelona acknowledged master chocolatier, is a product that reflects the essence of this fruit.

If you want to learn more about our distillation process you can follow this link.