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Orange liquor


For three generations Mascaró family has been devoted to the production of high quality distilled spirits, with a clear vocation to unite tradition and modernity.

At Mascaró we believe that the essence of a product is in its origin, so we make a careful selection of raw materials, always looking for natural and local products and we take care of every detail throughout the process preparation of our distilled spirits.

Gathering up the legacy of our ancestors and following our vocation for high quality products, we have become masters of distillation with natural products and carefully expecionals and personality distilled liquors such as Grand Orange Liqueur.

The attention to detail and control of all the process by a winemaker of the family ensures the uniqueness of our spirits distilled and the maintenance of a product line that meets the high levels demands of our consumers.

The liquors are distilled spirits with a minimum of 100g of sugar per liter of alcohol that are obtained by alcohol aromatization using, in our case, only natural products.

Mascaró liquors are the result of the investigation and recovery of old family recipes as the Grand Orange Liqueur, which we produce from the original formula created by Narcís Mascaró, founder of Mascaró in 1946.

This liqueur keeps the essence of the Mediterranean fruit being produced with different types of layers of oranges, some from our own trees. It is an ideal product for cocktails and for desserts and pastries.

We seek for the maximum expression and harmony in our liquors through maceration, distillation and aging processes in order to obtain uniques products with a strong personality.

Our distillery, located in Vilafranca, is the perfect setting for the development of our liquors. To learn more about the process of spirits elaboration at Mascaró you can use this link.