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A MASCARÓ is, according to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, a “fantastic face disforme or used as adornment in certain works of architecture’.

The MASCARÓ as a decorative architectural ornament has been used throughout history but is mainly related to the neoclassic period. If you walk around our cities you will be able to find many of them embellished buildings and accompanying our daily life. They are usually crowning lintels or decorating fountains, givint architecture a trait of humanity as well as ornamental trim or exclamation force.

We choose our symbol while we were ​​looking for a fantastic mythological being, half-man and half lion. On one hand, the lion suggests strength, beauty and sovereignty; on the other hand, the man represents intelligence and sensitivity.

Our MASCARÓ symbolizes the power applied to creation.

It is a work of Lluís Hortalà, a sculptor who was borned in Girona, Spain.