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Mascaró brandy is one of our badges, an author product where a winemaker of the family controls the entire process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

The grapes that we work on our estates reach the cellar where we press it to get a wine that is the source of our brandy. Brandy is the essence of wine, that is the reason why at Mascaró we give such an importance to raw materials in the production process.

In our distillery, one of the few wine distilleries that exists today in Catalonia, we transform grapes into Mascaró brandy following the double distillation technique, which is used to make cognac, achieving the best aromatic fraction for our products.

A distinguishing factor of Mascaró brandy is that we distill and age different grape varieties and vintage separately.The aging process lasts for a minimum period of 3 years in French oak barrels, in small quantities that we blend to produce our brandies.

The blending operation at Mascaró has always been made ​​by a family member with great care and professionalism in order to get a personal and very appreciated brandy that can achieve our customers expectations.

As the ancient alchemists, we have studied and researched to become experts in the distillation and preparation of drinks like brandy and we have found that the most natural is always the best. That is the reason why we add very little sugar and caramel in brandy (3 to 5 g/l), just enough to round gently in the mouth. To learn more about the process of brandy elaboration at Mascaró you can follow this link

All our brandies are 40% alcohol, allowing the full expression of distillation and aging aromas.

To enjoy them at its best we recommend an optimum serving temperature between 16ºC and 18ºC and the use of crystal tulip glasses to serve them.