Organic Penedès Vineyards

We are only interpreters of the great spectacle that nature offers every year at our “Mas Miquel” estate, with the aim of capturing it in every bottle of Mascaró.


Behind each toast with Mascaró there is a landscape, forged by the hand of the winegrower, who, season after season, carefully cultivating the land that will give rise to our products, taking care of each vine, of each grape that will be harvested at the optimal point of ripening by the harvesters, and that it will arrive at the winery in small cases to preserve its quality.

"Mas Miquel", the Mascaró estate

The cradle

Mascaró is born in the Penedès, in the vineyards of our estates “Mas Miquel” and “El Castell”, where we have been cultivating the land for three generations. At the estate “Mas Miquel”, located in Aiguamúrcia (Alt Camp) we have a total of 170 hectares, of which 35 are dedicated to vine cultivation and the rest are surrounded by Mediterranean forest. This property has been dedicated to winegrowing since time immemorial, as it was part of the Cistercian monastery of Santes Creus. Today it is registered both in the D.O. Penedès as in the D.O. Cava.

The land

In the “Mas Miquel” vineyard plots, the vine grows in ideal conditions. They are located at 450 m above sea level, on sloping ground, in the valley formed by the Pigot stream that drains into the Gaià river. The soils of the property have been formed on Miocene materials, consisting of conglomerates with a clayey matrix. They are calcareous, well drained, stony, very suitable for the vineyard. Above the vines is the “Serra d’Ancosa” which protects them from the east winds.

"Mas Miquel", the Mascaró estate
"Mas Miquel", the Mascaró estate

Organic vineyards

“Mas Miquel” is located in one of the highest areas of the Penedès. The climate is cool, with plenty of light and wind, which helps the vines to be in a good sanitary state, and allows to avoid the use of pesticides. Our commitment to the environment means that we seek an agriculture of quality which recovers traditional crops, respectful of the ecosystem that surrounds our vineyards. At Mascaró we don’t just take care of our vines but also of the forests that protect and surround them, aware of the value they have for humans and the species that live there and of the need to protect the environment against climate change. This commitment has also led us to install in the property 30 beehives which we deem fundamental for biodiversity.

Mascaró grape varieties

Our varieties

At “Mas Miquel” we have planted different white varieties (Parellada, Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Chardonnay) and red varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache). We value the Parellada, the variety that is most abundant, as it is the one that is best suited to the high areas of the Penedès. Mascaró cavas have at least 60% of Parellada, which gives them their own character. We have also discovered that our Grenache has distinctive and unique characteristics and we use it both for rosé and white cavas.

"Mas Miquel", the Mascaró estate

Brandy is born in the vines

Mascaró brandies are made both with Parellada from “Mas Miquel” and with Ugni Blanc, from our estate “El Castell” located in the municipality of La Múnia (Alt Penedès), which has an extension of 7 hectares. It is located in the heart of the Penedès plains. The Ugni Blanc variety is used for the obtention of wine spirits and the production of brandy, one of our specialties.

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