Artisan cavas and craft spirits

The Mascaró family

Dedication and expertise: the secret of our artisan cavas and spirits

For three generations, our family has been dedicated to the production of unique cavas and spirits, thus creating the Mascaró brand.

Our cellars and distillery have been located, since 1946, in Vilafranca del Penedès, 48 km south of Barcelona. It is the perfect setting for the creation of our products, as they are inspired by our environment and produced following a craft tradition full of years of wisdom.

Artisan makers

We process raw materials with exceptional care to obtain unique and amazing products.

The personality of each of our cavas and spirits is based on attention to detail and minimal intervention throughout the entire production and ageing process.

That’s why the winemaker of the Mascaró family controls all the production, thus guaranteeing the highest quality.

Our symbol

A mascarón is an architectural ornament, which has been used throughout history to beautify ships or to enhance buildings, bridges and fountains, giving the architecture a humanity trait.

Ours is a fantastic being, half man and half lion, the work of Lluís Hortalà, a sculptor born in Olot (Girona). The animal suggests strength and sovereignty and the man represents intelligence and sensitivity.

Mascaró Winery, dedication and expertise.

Cava de guarda superior

We believe that the essence of a product is found in its origin, and for this reason, our cavas are made exclusively with hand-harvested grapes from our organic vineyards.

The process of second fermentation and bottle ageing gives them the structure and complexity characteristic of Reserva and Gran Reserva cavas.

Our cavas are aged for a minimum of two years.

The land

The uniqueness of the Mascaró caves is the terroir that marks the personality of the grape and, therefore, of our wines.

Organic grapes

We treat the vines without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, following agricultural practices that prioritize sustainability and respect for the environment.

Manual harvesting

The harvest in Mascaró is manual and the transfer to the winery is carried out in small cases to preserve the quality of the fruit as much as possible.

Whole grape pressed

To make our cavas, we press whole grapes in the style of Champagne. This type of pressing allows you to avoid undesirable maceration and reserve only the true flower must.

Long ageing of the cavas

The bottles of cava rest in the darkness of our cellars for a minimum period of 24 months.
Only then do we consider that our cavas can be called premium aged.
Acropolis in Greece

The distillery

Mascaró spirits are high quality products with a marked personality.

For its preparation, we use the double distillation technique. The whole process takes place in our own distillery and ageing warehouses, located in the heart of the Penedès region.

The origin of Mascaró brandies are local wines with low degree and good acidity that we prepare professionally through a long period of maturation in French oak barrels.

It all starts in the vineyard

The land and the climate intertwine to give life to the grapes. The terroir is the essence that determines the quality and personality of the wine.

Distillation of our own wines

We carefully make wines dedicated to distillation, letting them express themselves in all their naturalness and without adding sulphur.

Double distillation method

We use traditional copper stills to separate the liquids and select the central part called “heart” that’s ideal for making brandy because of its aromas and taste.

Ageing in French oak barrels

Through distillation, we obtain wine spirits with a strenght of below 70% vol, also known as holandas. Ageing takes place in French oak barrels where the brandy matures and gains in structure and nuances.

The human factor

The hand of the expert is essential to carry out the blends of the different aged holandas and create a brandy with a unique personality.
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