Brandy Narciso

A terroir brandy

Following the footsteps of our founder, Narcís Mascaró, we craft this brandy using Ugni Blanc grapes from our own vines.

The bartender’s choice.

Narciso has been designed in collaboration with Barcelona’s most renowned bartenders, who find in its fruity aromas and the smoothness of its wood the perfect ally to develop their creativity.


Coupage: 100% Ugni Blanc from our own vines.

Static ageing: Since 2007 in French oak barrels.

Distillation: Double distillation in copper pot stills.

AVB: 40%.


Surprising for its versatile use in cocktails.

Tasting note

Aspect: Amber with golden hues.

Nose: Delicate aroma of vanilla and finely toasted hazelnut, with elegant, fresh, and balsamic hints.

Palate: Broad and balanced with a pleasant presence on the palate.

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