Family winery in Penedès

A family dedicated to the wine trade since the 19th century


Narcís Mascaró was born in Vilafranca del Penedès in 1894 into a family dedicated to the wine trade. He was the middle of the five children born to Antonio Mascaró and Josefa Marcé. From this date we have the first reference to a breeze inlet which shows that at that time the Mascaró family was already involved in the world of wine.


Narcís Mascaró became independent of the family business, at that time called “Vda. i fills de A. MASCARÓ”, to embark on a new path as a producer and merchant of wines and spirits. A year earlier he had married Maria Carbonell, with whom he had three children: Montserrat Mascaró, M. Rosa and Antonio Mascaró.


Narcís Mascaró and Maria Carbonell buy the modernist house in Casal street in Vilafranca del Penedès where they set up the distillery and cellars. They also acquired the “Mas Miquel” estate, an emblematic terroir that determines the personality of our wines and spirits.

Narcís Mascaró, producer of brandy


Narcís Mascaró, from trader to producer

Narcís Mascaró was intellectually curious about the world of wine and had the ambition to become a producer. This character led him to study the production of wine spirits in the Cognac area, with the aim of creating a brandy made in the Penedès.

At the beginning of the 1940s he built a distillery and a cellar in the center of Vilafranca which are still in use today.

In 1946, brandy V.O., a brut cava and orange liqueur were released.

Narciso Brandy,
the search for the essence

Narciso brandy is a tribute to the innovative spirit of our founder and is inspired by the idea that the essence lies in the origin. It is a terroir brandy that highlights the importance of wine in the production of brandies. We use grapes from our own vineyards to produce a wine that we then distill in old copper stills. The maturing process in old oak barrels allows us to keep their essences.

Narciso brandy by Caves Mascaró


Antonio Mascaró finishes his studies in chemistry and joins the family business. This training allows him to deepen his knowledge of the distillation process, his great passion.


The range of cavas was expanded and a new cellar and distillery were set up on the outskirts of Vilafranca del Penedès. It is in these facilities where today the grapes are brought into the winery.

Antonio Mascaró, master of distillation

Antonio Mascaró studied chemistry, which allowed him to delve into the distillation process of which he became a true master.

His trips to France, Scotland and Italy influenced his tastes and criteria as a producer of cavas and spirits.

In 1966, he succeeded his father at the head of the company and began its export activity.

Antonio Mascaró, master of distillation

Cava Gran Reserva, the artisan spirit

The Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature “Cuvée d’Antonio Mascaró” is the finest reflection of the wisdom and spirit that Antonio Mascaró instilled in all the brand’s products, all of which undergo a long ageing process and are imbued with a strong gastronomic character

Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature Cuvée by Antonio Mascaró


In 1988 Montserrat Mascaró, daughter of Antonio Mascaró and Àfrica Alemany, joined the company. Her studies in Agricultural Engineering and Oenology, her experience in wineries in France and Switzerland, and her day-to-day work alongside her father, have given her a deep insight into winemaking processes.


Antonio Mascaró and his daughter began a process of changing the image of the entire product range with the graphic designer Salvatore Aducci, who was inspired by the masks that decorate many Barcelona houses to define the company’s new symbol. It was the Olot artist Lluís Hortalà who created the new emblem of Mascaró.


That year marked the opening of three new production and ageing warehouses. These new facilities have allowed us to develop new products such as Mascaró’s London Dry Gin9, leveraging the talent inherited from our predecessors.

Montserrat Mascaró

Montserrat Mascaró, inspiration in nature

Montserrat Mascaró, puts the house at the forefront of the sector with the inauguration in 2007 of three new production and ageing facilities.

He is currently leading the transition of our “Mas Miquel” estate towards ecological and sustainable viticulture.

She has created new products such as vermouths inspired by nature, combining her knowledge in distillation with her passion for vineyards, nature, and forests.

Siset Vermouth,
mediterranean character

Montserrat Mascaró has combined her knowledge of Oenology, her passion for botany and her experience in the art of distillation to create a unique vermouth. In it converge the Penedès wine, the plants of the Mediterranean forests and the best holandes of our distillery.

Siset Vermouth Caves Mascaró
    La teva cistella és buidaTornar a la botiga