Mascaró GIN 9 London Dry Gin

Mediterranean juniper berry essence

An essential and versatile London Dry for the best gin and tonics.

For many years, Antonio Mascaró produced a Dry Gin, the result of distillation in copper stills of alcohol flavored only with juniper berries, with which he managed to earn the affection of fans of the iconic “Gin on the rocks”.
Gin 9, today resurges as an essential ingredient for cocktails, aromatic, powerful and sophisticated.


AVB: 40%.

Sugar: Completely dry, with no added sugar.


Its pure expression of juniper and its citrusy note make it ideal for the production of all types of gin-based cocktails and also for enjoying it neat with ice.

Tasting note

Aspect: Transparent.

Nose: Classic juniper notes that blend with fresh citrus aromas.

Palate: Full of flavour, spiced, with subtle hints of Mediterranean juniper. The end is reminiscent of black pepper with a long and pleasant presence in the mouth.

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