Mascaró Vermouth

A tribute to our roots

A surprising vermouth for its intensity and harmony.

Mascaró is a vermouth with a slight spicty touch where juniper and ginger provide roundness and complexity, making it ideal for its use in mixology.


Coupage: Parellada wine with Ugni Blanc spirits.

ABV: 15%.


Ideal both on the rocks with a slice of dehydrated orange, and in various types of cocktails.

Tasting note

Aspect: Bright and clear, with a mahogany colour and gold and amber highlights. Clear and bright appearance.

Nose: Reveals notes of aromatic herbs, ginger, coffee, juniper, and a touch of balsamic vinegar.

Palate: Good intensity in the mouth and well-balanced. Sweet at first, with a light and elegant bitter touch at the end.

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Collecting the legacy of our predecessors and contributing creativity and renewal, at Mascaró we believe that the essence of a product is found in its origin.

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