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Mascaró spirits (brandy, distilled gin, marc, orange and cocoa liquor) are high quality products with a strong personality.

Following our commitment to offer a complete range of products, we specialize in the production of distilled spirits applying both mashing and distilled techniques, always using natural products.

A careful selection of raw materials, which we always look for in our local environment, gives a unique character to the spirits we produce in our distillery, located in Vilafranca del Penedès (Spain).

As the ancient alchemists, we have studied and researched to become experts in the distillation and preparation of spirits like brandy and we have found that the best is always the most natural. That is the reason why we add very little sugar and caramel in our brandy, aging at least 3 years in French oak barrels.

The Mascaró distilled gin, style London Dry Gin, is made from juniper strictly without the addition of botanicals, which makes it very versatile and makes a good base for modern cocktails.

Our orange liqueur keeps the essence of the Mediterranean fruit as being made ​​with layers of different types of oranges, some from ourr own trees.

The cocoa distillate or the marc are also real good reflection of the Mascaró styleo, where we take care of every detail throughout all the production process.

In our distillery located in Vilafrancadel Penedès (Spain), one of the few wine distilleries that exists today in Catalonia, we produce spirits and distilled drinks from our vineyards grapes, located in the Penedès region.

We seek for the maximum expression and harmony in our spirtis through maceration, distillation and aging processes. And we do it carefully and using traditional processes.

At Mascaró the blending operation of our spirits is a craft process that has always been made ​​by a family member with great care and professionalism, in order to obtain personal products such as brandy, very popular among our customers.

To learn more about the elaboration and production of Mascaró spirits you can follow this link.

Mascaró spirits are ideal to enjoy by themselves and also as combined in different cocktail creations.